Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sweet Sundays

"The sweet life"

Lately the weather has been a bit whacky this weekend but we decided to make our Sunday sweeter with a little roaming around town!! With the muggy weather and gray clouds lurking we ventured out to for a cool treat! Rain or shine, you gotta enjoy Sundays!!' 

We stop by a locally made sherbet shop for some strawberry and vanilla swirls!!
Louise and Amanda are both sporting some of our new Tidepool Love Jewelry pieces! Amanda's wearing our "Oahu Wanderlust" charm bracelet and Louise has our "Oahu Island" bangle both made with sterling silver.

We're loving our Spring looks!! Louise has our Cali Good Life "Catalina Tank" and Amanda has our "Sweetie Pink Top" and "Ocean Wave Shorts"

Sometimes you gotta have some rain and clouds to have some rainbows!!
XOXO Cottage by the Sea Blog Team

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